Do they yodel at the Eurovision ? (III): Austria 2005

27 May 2008

The 2008 edition of the Eurovision is over, and the winner is Dima Bilan from Russia. Not really my favorite but what can you do against the power of Eastern Europe. And another deception: no yodels this year. Let’s hope next year it will be the next craze !

So let’s go back three years ago in Kiev, Ukraine with the entry of Austria, Y asi from Global Kryner. The yodeler of the group is Sebastian Fuchsberger. They played in the semi-final and ended up 21st of 25 countries. This failure caused the withdrawal of Austria from the contest for the next year. But it wasn’t a bad song, it was very popular amongst fans and the group is still making albums. The song mixes alpine brass, salsa and yodelling and is about a Cuban girl who falls in love with an Austrian boy.

This is a part of the lyrics:

The girl from Cuba fell in love
The boy, she’d adore
Could dance and sing … and more
He was the master of the Yodel
His was unique
Oh he was so smart
She danced and won his heart

Global Kryner – Y asi

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