Do they yodel in Cambodia ?: Sinn Sisamouth

5 October 2008

Yes ! They yodel in Cambodia ! Sinn Sisamouth does !

Sinn Sisamouth was one of the biggest stars of pre-Khmer Rouge Cambodia, in the sixties and seventies, at a time where the Cambodians were into different kinds of musics inspired by occidental styles, french chanson, psychedelic rock, Beatle tunes and some cha cha cha and mambo. I could write pages and pages about Sinn Sisamouth but others have done it already. I just give you some links at the end of the post.

I found only two songs where he yodels and I have no idea why he yodels. A search on the internet hasn’t given me any answer. And my Khmer doesn’t go further than “suasaday”.

I hope you’ll enjoy these songs as much as I do and that you’ll dwell deeper into this style, there’s a lot to be discovered. And listen to Dengue Fever !

Nak Neang Kraw-Mum (Miss) (mp3)

Nak Neang Kraw-Mum (Miss) (youtube)

Bong san rethrere (youtube)

Link 1: his biography on wikipedia

Link 2: his last days

Link 3: a documentary in the making

Link 4: great site with songs, from the other singers like Ros Sereysothea too

Link 5: myspace, with interviews of his family in Khmer and a wonderful excerpt of a movie, with typical dancing.

Link 6: about the Cambodian scene, with discography


  1. Hi, thanks for your cool blog. I don’t know much about Sinn Sisamouth yodeling – the only times I have heard him yodel are in those songs that you link to in your blog. I know he was very interested in music from all over the world, and that he traveled a good deal, especially to France. Perhaps while he was there he heard some yodeling coming from Switzerland. Also, many Cambodians had short wave radios, so they could hear music from all over the world. Or maybe he heard yodeling from older American country music songs which were played on US Armed Forces Radio during the US/Vietnam war. But I am just guessing.

  2. Thanks for your comment. I’m just guessing the same…

  3. Yeah, the yodeling was a bit out of place but quite interesting though!

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