Do they yodel in Switzerland ?: Christine Lauterburg

12 October 2008

I haven’t written a lot of posts about yodel in Switzerland, the country where it all began. And this post won’t be about classic yodel or folkloric yodel but about modern and quite experimental yodels. Some singers have decided to push yodel to its frontiers, to innovate, to provoke even: Erika Stucky, Hubert von Goisern, Stimmhorn… and Christine Lauterburg. She caused quite a stir in the nineties with her album Echo der Zeit mixing ambient sounds, electronic beats and yodels. When you listen to it now, it sounds a bit dated, but it was a time of groups like Deep Forrest or Enigma who were mixing world music with synth programming. And Lauterburg’s album is a milestone in Swiss pop music !

Christine Lauterburg was born in 1956 in the region of Bern, Switzerland. As a child, she soon wanted to become a singer. But she first became an actress and played in theater and film in the 1980’s. Once she was 30 years old, she decided to reorientate her career and followed song lessons, where she learned to yodel. She didn’t want to do it in the traditional way but wanted to touch a different public, a younger one. Echo der Zeit was her first album and it went number 9 in the Swiss charts in 1994. The album was produced by Cyrill Schläpfer (the director of the Ur Musig documentary) and by Pascal de Sapio (who is more in a hip hop thing). She looks a bit like of a Nina Hagen from the mountains, a postindustrial Heidi but her music is more techno than punk. Since then, she made other albums, always a bit experimental but less techno, as you can hear on her site.

Following are some songs from Echo der Zeit, hits and some others, randomly picked, because almost all the songs of the album contain yodels:

Tanz Tanz ! (here is a other version on youtube)



Rot uf Grau (remix)

And here is the more traditional side, with songs in duo with Res Margot playing Büchel, a short trumpet-shaped Alphorn in the first one and Schwyzerörgeli in the second one.

Gruss aus Adelboden



  1. The “Do they yodel” part of every post title gets a bit old, don’t you think? Of course they yodel in …

  2. Superb blog.

    I’ve read that a lot of music sharing blogs are deleted by wordpress and I’m afraid to be forced to restart my blog at elsewhere, could you tell me about that?

  3. I’ve heard the same but I have no more info. I hope it won’t happen !

  4. so where is Erika Stucky?

  5. I’ll write an article about her… some time… But I think she’s fantastic !

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