Secret society of yodelers

23 November 2008
Here’s a message from Bart Plantenga. Go buy his book and cd !
This blog wouldn’t be the same without it. My life wouldn’t be the same without it. My boyfriend’s life wouldn’t be the same without it. My friends life wouldn’t be the same without it. Even the life of the ones who have been traumatised by yodel in their youth !
And maybe we should create this “Secret society of yodelers” with a nice membership card and all !

Yodel Howl Holler

The time has come to explain what I’m up to and how you as yodelers or yodel fans can help.

I’ve embarked on book 2 YODEL IN HIFI [University of Wisconsin Press, 2010] and thanks to the many yodelers who responded to my questionnaire the book is well on its way.

There are also 3 yodel-related CDs:

Black & Blue Yodelin’: Black yodelers worldwide including Mike Johnson, Leon Thomas, Sly Stone, Minny Ripperton, Trio Bow, Zap Mama …

Avant le Voix: Human Experiments with the Yodel: Avant garde vocalists who use yodel techniques.

Olga Rewound: 12 modern musicians & producers remix the yodel songs of Dutch yodeler Olga Lowina.

The long-term plan: a magnificently unconventional & engaging documentary called DRIVE-BY YODELING and will be made [if we find the funding] with filmmaker Mark Boswell.

It has come to my attention that my book YODEL-AY-EE-OOOO: THE SECRET HISTORY OF YODELING AROUND THE WORLD [US] [Europe, etc] continues to sell at a steady and modestly admirable pace. But certainly nothing to make publishers sweaty in the palms about.

I’ve heard from reliable sources that World Music Network, the producer of the CD ROUGH GUIDE TO YODEL, which I put together and includes some of you, is being dropped from the catalog due to poor sales.  If we’re interested in seeing the above projects succeed we need to have an effect on the only aspect of entertainment and art that matters to many of these people: sales.

We need to prove yodeling = interesting, intriguing, compelling and fascinating entertainment = sales. This will allow these projects to see the light of day…

How can we best send a message, our vote? By purchasing and encouraging others to purchase the above 2 products [and your own of course; I will certainly return the favor by mentioning them in my various projects].

Looking for holiday gifts? Then consider buying a couple of copies of YODEL-AY-EE-OOOO and ROUGH GUIDE TO YODEL via Amazon [US] [Europe, etc], other online service or your local book/music store for friends and family and/or encourage others to do the same. Keep ROUGH GUIDE in circulation, force YODEL-AY into a second printing. Make it easier for these 5 forthcoming projects to happen…

Thanks for yodeling and participating,

bart  plantenga

playlists: bart•wreck

site: bartplantenga.com

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