Yodels around the world with the Bonsai Garden Orchestra

19 April 2009

A quick post this week with two songs from the Bonsai Garden Orchestra. Their album, Take One, is “a friendly encounter between Hawaii and Austria, initiated by Wolfgang Temmel, an artist who crosses frontiers. A lively meeting of vocal and string acrobatics, of sound worlds and sound cultures, nine musicians play – in the best sense of the world – across the bounds of a world (music) orchestra.” Wolfgang Temmel loves ukulele and decided to make a group around it, mixing the falsetto vocals of Hawaii with Alpine yodelling in some songs.

The yodels of two songs are performed by Klaus Trabitsch and Franz Schmuck. He’s an artist who learned jazz percussion and who is interested in the music instruments of the world, from Bali to Africa. Klaus Trabitsch is a guitarist and singer who has been involved in many world music projects. ‘Ahulili is an Hawaiian classic composed by Scott Ha’i and is about a mountain peak in Maui. Pauoa Liko Ka Lehua is also an Hawaiian classic composed by Emma Bush.


Pauoa Liko Ka Lehua

And have fun with the youtube clips where they play with yodels ! (Here, here and here)


  1. Mademoiselle, Sorry I haven’t had much to say here. I thought of you yesterday. I went to a local record store for Record Store Day. I was pleased to see that they had a sizable selection of yodeling artists. All country artists, but several yodeling compilations are now available. Also, I’ve been listening to a compilation of cowboy singers. There is one tune that features something that sounds like throat singing. Really very eerie. I’ve been meaning to start posting songs in a friendlier format. I’ll be sure and leave word here when I post the cowboy throat singer.

    I’m always pleased to hear music featuring ukuleles.

  2. It was indeed Arthur MIles. I guess I missed it here.

  3. Amazing website!

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