They yodel in the USA !: Jimmie Rodgers (IV) (1928)

5 July 2009

By the end of spring 1928, Jimmie Rodgers was beginning to be famous: his first big hit, Blue Yodel was heard all over the country on the radio and in the record shops. With the money he earned from this succes, he bought a new wardrobe and a blue Buick.

Having recorded all his repertoire in the first two sessions, he asked his sister-in-law Elsie McWilliams to help him compose new songs for the sessions of June 12, as he did for the previous one. She came to Washington and in one week, they had produced the nine songs that would be recorded on that date. No Blue Yodel here, but all these songs contain yodels. They are in the tradition of the vaudeville of the turn of the century, full of sentiments and melancholy. All are sung by Jimmie Rodgers who played his own guitar.

My little lady

Daddy and Home

Lullaby Yodel

You and My Old Guitar

Never No Mo’ Blues

Mississippi Moon

I’m Lonely and Blue

My Old Pal

My Little Old Home Down in New Orleans


  1. Hi Mademoiselle, The Blasters did a fine version of ‘Never No Mo Blues’. Phil Alvin is a terrific vocalist but not as good at yodeling.

    As I’ve said before, you’ve made me much more aware of yodeling. What I’m noticing is that most yodeling in America today seems to come from Jimmie Rodgers and his disciples. I think that Lefty Frizzell’s singing style was directly influenced by Rodger’s yodeling. In turn Frizzell influenced Merle Haggard who influenced Dwight Yoakam and other contemporary singers. None of those singers do much yodeling, but they all employ “catches” and “breaks” in their singing. The more I listen to that style of singing the more it sounds like modified yodeling.

    Just a theory. Thanks for your work.

  2. Really glad to find your site. I salute your effort to research extensively and to present so much yodeling materials to us.

    I love yodeling songs very much. I have the following LPs where the singers yodel. The singers are:
    – Slim Whitman
    – Wilf Carter
    – Roy Rogers
    – Eddy Arnold
    – Patsy Montana

  3. Thanks for your visit !

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