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Do they yodel in Cambodia ?: Sinn Sisamouth

5 October 2008

Yes ! They yodel in Cambodia ! Sinn Sisamouth does !

Sinn Sisamouth was one of the biggest stars of pre-Khmer Rouge Cambodia, in the sixties and seventies, at a time where the Cambodians were into different kinds of musics inspired by occidental styles, french chanson, psychedelic rock, Beatle tunes and some cha cha cha and mambo. I could write pages and pages about Sinn Sisamouth but others have done it already. I just give you some links at the end of the post.

I found only two songs where he yodels and I have no idea why he yodels. A search on the internet hasn’t given me any answer. And my Khmer doesn’t go further than “suasaday”.

I hope you’ll enjoy these songs as much as I do and that you’ll dwell deeper into this style, there’s a lot to be discovered. And listen to Dengue Fever !

Nak Neang Kraw-Mum (Miss) (mp3)

Nak Neang Kraw-Mum (Miss) (youtube)

Bong san rethrere (youtube)

Link 1: his biography on wikipedia

Link 2: his last days

Link 3: a documentary in the making

Link 4: great site with songs, from the other singers like Ros Sereysothea too

Link 5: myspace, with interviews of his family in Khmer and a wonderful excerpt of a movie, with typical dancing.

Link 6: about the Cambodian scene, with discography