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25 September 2009

As you have seen, there are no new posts since a few weeks and even before, it was a bit irregular. I still have lots to write about but I’ve tons of other things to do for the moment. I can see that you’re still interested in the blog, that you listen to the music, so I won’t close it. I even may write again in some time…

Yodelling yours,



I’m coming back soon !

2 March 2009

Just a little bit more patience, but I’m coming back. I had ongoing computer problems and no personal geek to help me a the time. In the meantime, the personal geek came back from his holidays and fixed some of the problems (well he reinstalled everything !) but I don’t have access yet to my itunes library. And I had and will have some busy week-ends.

See you soon !

Yodelling yours,

Daisy Montana


Interlude (bis)

25 January 2009

Thanks for your comments and to all the bloggers who linked to me: Pathway to unknown worlds (with a special mention for this article about yodel), Wrath of the grapevine and Monrakplengthai. It really made a difference in visits and I discovered new blogs !



18 January 2009

There’s not a lot of activity here for the moment… I have some internet problems, and I’m a bit disappointed for the moment by the absence of comments. I think that a great blog is one where there is a lot of interaction between the blogger and the readers, and that’s not the case here. I know my subject isn’t a popular one but I know on the other hand that some people are interested in it, and still read this blog.

Since I have a passion for yodel and there are so many things I want to write about, I will come back, maybe next week, maybe in a few weeks, you’ll see. So until then,

yodelling yours,



Interlude: do they yodel on other blogs ?: Big Rock Candy Mountain

26 August 2008

Big Rock Candy Mountain presents this week a post about Thee Mysterious Asthmatic Avenger, a very strange person who is probably from France and… who yodels in My name is Jesus. I remember I found the site of this singer some time ago, in one of my many google searches about yodel, but I didn’t have a blog yet.


Interlude: do they yodel on other blogs ?: Music for Maniacs & Schadenfreudian Therapy

11 August 2008

On Schadenfreudian Therapy this week, there’s a complete LP of Elton Britt and on Music for Maniacs, there’s this strange song about a yodeling Chinaman by George Van Dusen. Just go there to listen !


Interlude of the week (II): Bobbejaan

29 July 2008

And here is a second clip, full of whistling and yodelling. More info on Bobbejaan Schoepen sooner of later…: