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Who are you, dear readers ?

31 August 2008

After five months and thirty posts (and not a lot of comments… yet), I was wondering who is reading me. Here are some questions about you and about the blog, I’m impatient to read your answers in the comments !

  • How did you discover my blog ?
  • What kind of other musical style are you into ?
  • Do you even like yodel, if yes why ?
  • Is there any kind of yodel you’re eager to discover: American yodels, Swiss yodels, yodels from odd countries, yodels in rock, in country, in children’s music, in jazz, in blues, in classical music, yodels in movies, yodels in commercials, others ?
  • Do you want other eerie things like throat singing or whistling ?
  • Do you have great yodels you’d like to share ?
  • Would you be interested to write guest posts ?

Thanks for your answers, any suggestions are welcome !

Yodelingly yours, Daisy Montana


Interlude of the week (II): Bobbejaan

29 July 2008

And here is a second clip, full of whistling and yodelling. More info on Bobbejaan Schoepen sooner of later…: