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Do they yodel in Switzerland ?: Jüüzli

13 April 2008

And now, some traditional yodel, from where it all began in Switzerland (even if that’s not so true, but the whole story is for later). There are different types of yodels, depending on the region. I’ll begin with a very simple one, the Jüüzli from Muotatal in central Switzerland (in the Schwyz canton). It was used to call the cows in the mountains or for milking, and for other activities of the everyday life.

Chueraiheli by Erasmus Betschart was recorded in 1979 by Hugo Zemp in the Wassenberg Alpine pasture. It is a piece to call the cows for milking. Hugo Zemp did a lot of scientific research about the subject and made some documentaries (references here, here, here and here). Four Jüüzli was recorded during milking in a cowshed.

Erasmus Betschart – Chueraiheli

Erasmus Betschart – Four Jüüzli