Do they yodel in Austria ?: Minna Reverelli

21 December 2008

A quick post while shopping for the ideal Christmas gift…

Minna Reverelli was born on the 9th of April 1892 as Hermina Gnapp in Vienna. She was a real acrobat with her voice and pushed the recording devices to their limits. She began to sing, and yodel in 1910 and was seen in theaters in Nürenberg, Vienna and Hamburg, and even in France.  From 1929 to 1932, she was singing in the Plaztl theater of Munich. She disappeared in 1941 in Vienna. She was Jewish.

That’s all the info I could find. If you have more, leave a comment. And have a nice time with these retro yodel songs !

Cuckoo in the wood (1930)

Mein liebster Jodler (Mei Leibjodler) (recorded in 1931 in Berlin)

Kirta is (recorded in 1931 in Berlin)

In Lauterbach (Parlophone R.1145)

Die Fischerhütt’n “A Fischerhütt’n ganz alloa” (Gloria G.O. 10255a)

The image comes from München-Bayern: Lieder & Couplets, rare Schellacks 1901-1939, as do some songs. The other ones come from Jodler du Tyrol au Texas and Les 50 plus belles tyroliennes.



  1. I used to listen to 3CS Colac Victoria when I was 13 before WW2 and this lady was one who I never forgot & it is great to hear after 75 years.

  2. Mina was my great-grandmother and I am so excited to see that her memory lives on, thank you for the lovely article and links to her music! I have some information to finish out her story for you. She visited her grandson (my father) in secret a few times in a small village in Bavaria in the early 1940’s, then escaped to the US a few years later. She spent her later years as a traveling performer and eventually ran a movie theater in Colorado. I wish I had inherited her lovely voice!

    • Dear Ms Reverelly,
      I’m a journalist from Bavaria and I’m writing about singers in Munich. I would like to publish a story about Minna Reverelli and I found your name, unfortunately no email address. It would be so nice of you if you could contact me. Could you leave a message her how I can get into contact if you it’s o.k. for you. I also have the address of a German website where your g.grandmother is cited.
      Susanne Mittermaier

  3. Desmond Carrington in his BBC Radio 2 programme last week told us that Minna Reverelli disappeared in Vienna in 1941 and was presumed dead because of her Jewish ethnicity. Desmond is very well informed so I wonder why nobody told him the great news that Minna survived and then flourished in the post-war USA.

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