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Interlude: do they yodel on other blogs ?: Big Rock Candy Mountain

26 August 2008

Big Rock Candy Mountain presents this week a post about Thee Mysterious Asthmatic Avenger, a very strange person who is probably from France and… who yodels in My name is Jesus. I remember I found the site of this singer some time ago, in one of my many google searches about yodel, but I didn’t have a blog yet.


Interlude: do they yodel on other blogs ?: Music for Maniacs & Schadenfreudian Therapy

11 August 2008

On Schadenfreudian Therapy this week, there’s a complete LP of Elton Britt and on Music for Maniacs, there’s this strange song about a yodeling Chinaman by George Van Dusen. Just go there to listen !


Interlude: do they yodel on other blogs ?: Excavated shellac

7 July 2008

There’s a nice Austrian yodel on Excavated shellac this week !

This great blog is devoted to old 78rpm recordings of music from around the world and for the first time, it goes into yodelland. If you’re interested like me in old world music records, it’s a very good place to go to every week: the songs are very different and with a precise commentary, it’s a good way to understand how the music was before and the influences it has on the expressions of today.