25 September 2009

As you have seen, there are no new posts since a few weeks and even before, it was a bit irregular. I still have lots to write about but I’ve tons of other things to do for the moment. I can see that you’re still interested in the blog, that you listen to the music, so I won’t close it. I even may write again in some time…

Yodelling yours,



  1. Take your time. You have amassed an amazing stash.

  2. Still following you by subscription. I have enjoyed every post. You’ve made me much more aware of yodeling.

  3. Hello,

    I found your blog by accident, when I was searching for some information about Rain’s Yodel Song, which I admire very much and which really surprised me when couple of months (or a year?) ago I was watching the film it appeared in.
    I’ve never been particularily interested in yodeling, but I always pay attention when I sometimes run into it. That was with Rain, with some TV talent contests, other films, popular songs… I’ve always been interested in different tipes of singing techniques though, so I was meant to, sooner or later, search some further info about yodeling 🙂
    I’ll be watching your blog, so keep posting 🙂 Have a nice day!

  4. This is an amazing blog! I will miss it if you go… Come back when you are ready.

  5. Hello,i am looking forward to you posting again since i am very fond of yodeling.Thanks for your postings so far!
    Bodhi Amol

  6. Hoping to see you back at the blog in 2011 🙂

  7. I just discovered this blog, I’m sad to see there are no new articles since 2009, but it gives me time to read all of it 😉

    I am a new fan of yodeling (I live next to Germany, and it reminds me of my youth, when I used to watch German television all the time) yes, even French people can love yodel 🙂

  8. Haloo from Germany Ms Daisy, my name is Hana Fabry,a japanelin in köln city germany, und i am a big joel fun. frau Daisy, it is for me big lucky to find you today.
    hier is my hobby jodel page

    i will read your page with lot of interest.

    schönen tag noch

  9. Don’t close it please!

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